Critical Path Method (CPM)

Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling has come a long way since the days of hand drawn schedules. Today’s modern CPM scheduling software offers detailed reports, intuitive graphics and logic-driven assessments. But in order to fully appreciate the power of critical path scheduling, a project should have a CPM Schedule Consultant, who can properly develop a CPM schedule, monitor the project, and communicate issues during the complex construction process.

The CPM schedule is a management tool that demonstrates the means and methods of completing a project on time and within budget. A true logic-driven CPM schedule will help the project team focus on what activities need to be done now (and what activities can be completed later), by determining how much Total Float (slack time) a given activity may have.

Once the logical sequence of the CPM schedule is established, the schedule can be used to monitor the progress and help calculate the true status of the project. It also helps determine how to deal with the inevitable impacts and delays that affect the project.

Adding resources and cost loading the CPM schedule offer additional tools in forecasting labor needs and cash projections throughout the life of the project.

The CPM schedule has become an important tool not only during the project, but also in the court / arbitration setting in the unfortunate event a project runs into disputes and claims. Remember, the CPM schedule is your management tool and if it is not thorough and maintained regularly, it could reflect poorly on the team managing the project and lead to costly legal ramifications.

On Schedule Consultants can navigate project teams through complex projects and help communicate the critical path to completion milestones. We facilitate a detailed, realistic schedule so that accurate decisions can be made at any point during the project. We can help your project maintain regular schedule updates and keep everyone focused on the critical path, thus avoiding costly outcomes that can arise due to poorly developed schedules.

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