CPM Scheduling & Project Controls

On Schedule Consultants believes a strong start to project management control and success begins with a well thought out and detailed CPM schedule with input from all parties involved. Once the schedule is accepted, regular updates are recommended and revisions to the schedule should be incorporated to make the schedule realistic to the current project status.

Our experienced CPM Schedule Consultants get your project off to a good start by working with you from the beginning. If necessary, we can jump into projects that are already underway and behind schedule.

Critical Path Schedule Updates and Monitoring

On Schedule Consultants will update and monitor the progress and report on the activities that are falling behind or affected by other parties. We offer a written narrative that highlights the changes from update to update and any shifting of the critical path along with any concerns for our clients. The schedule graphics are prepared for an easy understanding of the remaining work and the critical status of each task.

Construction Delay Analysis

On Schedule Consultants uses proven and accepted industry standard techniques to analyze project delays and impacts. We are experienced in testifying as an expert witness on CPM schedule practices.On Schedule Consultants will work with owners or contractors to prepare construction delay analysis to demonstrate impacts by others. We have consulted to owners on the quality of contractor schedule detail and practices and advised on areas of the schedule that require additional detail so that the owner is assured that the contractor schedule is an accurate tool to successfully manage the project. When a delay claim is submitted, the owner can be assured that On Schedule Consultants will evaluate  the quantification and merit of the delay and assist the owner in responding to the claim.

CPM Schedule Reviews

On Schedule Consultants will review existing CPM schedules and advise on improvements that help our clients navigate complex projects and detailed schedules. We have performed this service for building owners and construction contractors who have lost confidence in an existing schedule. The suggestions we provide will make the CPM schedule more useful and realistic to the actual field status of the project. We can also review and advise on the current procedures for updating the CPM schedule so that future updates will be streamlined and realistic.

Owner‘s Representative

On Schedule Consultants will work with the owner’s team and keep them up to date on critical issues affecting the CPM schedule and/or the project. This service enables the owner to avoid causing delays to the project for key deliverables such as approvals, delivery of owner supplied items and staying on top of the design team.

CPM Schedule Training

On Schedule Consultants can tailor a training program on proper schedule practices and navigating schedule programs for executives, managers & superintendents. We adapt the training to the attendees and allow them to learn how to read and understand a CPM schedule and the many terms. The attendees will learn how to determine the critical path, read the total float (negative and positive), add resources/costs and understand the different logic types.  The CPM schedule has become a very important legal tool in demonstrating cause and effect of changes or impacts. Every person involved needs to understand how the schedule works from the baseline schedule through the last update. Each person that completes the training will know what to ask for from the CPM schedulers.On Schedule Consultants will demonstrate the best practices for developing a baseline schedule, maintaining/updating a CPM schedule, and incorporating changes / impacts into updated schedules.

On Schedule Consultants is a Certified Advanced Trained User of Oracle / Primivera P6.

Other Services
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  • Construction Expert Witness
  • Claims Negotiation
  • Documenting and Calculating Risk

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